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Founded in 2007, Prevision Systems LLC specializes in Inspection Technologies, FOSAR Tools and Custom Design Services. Our engineering staff has an extensive background in Remote Visual Inspection and Foreign Object Search And Retrieval. Here is a brief summary of our engineering experience:






    • 3D Location System for Positioning Indications in Unknown Space
    • Dye Penetrant Remote Visual Testing Crawler
    • Visual Waste Water Inspection for 30 foot diameter effluent pipe
    • Remote Visual Weld Inspection system for Oil Riser
    • Railcar Wheel-set UT Inspection System
    • Laser Profile Tool
    • Manhole Inspection Camera System
    • Turbine Wheel EC/UT Inspection System
    • Reactor Pressure Vessel Head Mockup
    • Production Tooling for EC probe
    • PTZ Inspection Camera System
    • Portable PTZ Control System for shipboard ballast tank inspection
    • 6 Mega-pixel Video Inspection System
    • Wide- angle Peripheral-view Pipe Inspection Camera
    • Remote Sampling Crawler and Deployment System
    • UT Hand Scanner wall thickness testing
    • Industrial Push Camera System
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